Own the Web With Kali Linux

Welcome to Basic Web Application Hacking and pentesting course

This course will explain to you how to start targeting a web application from the beginning.

This course will teach you:

In this course we are going to explain the http analyzing, information gathering, and finding and exploiting the vulnerabilities.

You will Need:

you are not going to need any other thing because this course starts from the beginning and comes with offline lab and materials click here to download it. If anything is missing you can contact us immediately.

Course Modules:

This course consists of three modules:

Short Summery

the first module: will teach you the HTTP Protocol you will learn the requests,responses,headers..etc.

the second module: will teach you how to gather the information about the target web application.You will see how to find the general information,the email's own the related domains, subdomains,shared vhost ..etc.

the third module: will teach you how to find and exploit the vulnerabilities manually .

Course syllabus:

  • HTTP Protocol
    • HTTP Requests
    • HTTP Responses
    • HTTP Methods
    • HTTP Headers
    • Cookies
    • Status codes
  • Target Information Gathering
    • Online Services :
    • General informations:
    • Whois
    • DNS lookup
    • Zone transfer
    • Nmap scanning
    • Finding the shared vhosts within the webserver
    • Email Back trace
    • Find out the Email's Owner
    • Find out the related domains to the Email
    • Finding sub-domains:
  • Finding and Exploit Vulnerabilities
    • Introduction in finding the vulnerabilities.
    • Finding and exploiting Local File inclusion "LFI".
    • Finding and exploiting SQL Injection "SQLi".
    • Finding and exploiting Cross Site Scripting "XSS".

Course Contents

Offline Lab

Materials Access

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