About Pentester Area

Are you interested in security?

Do you want to improve your pentesting skills ?

Pentester Are is your best choice, with our expert team crew you will gain:

  • knowledge
  • experience
  • certificate

Without wasting your time in searching for good resources to learn Pentesting and Security.

We provide:

  • Online Courses
  • Memberships
  • Practical online and offline labs
  • Ebooks
  • Materials
Which shorten the effort , and time.

Our online courses and memberships contain hours of online videos.

We will teach you Pentesting skills in the way the black hat does which makes you expert in pentration testing and Security.

What Do We Offer


Pentester Are provides you content with 90% hands on , because we know that the fastest way to learn is to get your hands dirty,with our labs you will gain experience and saving a lot of your time.

Real Vulnerabilities

Our labs contain practical exercises based on a real Vulnerabilities found in a commen systems applications "web,os" in real world.


Pentester Are Provides you an online labs with more than 95 exercises and offline labs when you want to work offline,courses have their own labs subscribes can access them as well.

Certificates After Completion

You can get a certificate after you complete the course exercises,each course has its own exercises which allow you to obtain the certificate.


We have a professional support to help you with any issues at anytime if you have something unclear or stacked in any exercise our support is ready to help you.

Enterprise solutions

Take your team and employees to an advanced level in pentesting skills with Pentester Are you will empower your team and employees in the way the black hat does. "FAST and EASY"